23+ Barn Owl Aliens PNG

23+ Barn Owl Aliens PNG. An eerie video from a construction site in india became a viral sensation in the country as some viewers suspected that the footage featured aliens. Think e.t. but without the long neck.

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It's a video of baby barn owls in a building under construction in india. They did not tell me their name nor much else about them… but it was clear that they were a matriarchal society and that they evolved from barn owls. 1,996 sales 1,996 sales | 5 out of 5 stars.

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Discovered in its daytime retreat, the barn owl bobs its head and weaves back and forth, peering at the intruder. This is a video from india where two young barn owls were discovered in the ceiling of a i'm kidding, if you actually think these two little guys are aliens, clearly you've never been abducted before. Barn owl is a strigiforme friend that appeared in the original kemono friends mobile game. The barn owl can readily be distinguished from other owls by its unique shape, color and voice.

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