27+ 164 Tannerite Barn Pics

27+ 164 Tannerite Barn Pics. If anyone else is curious what tannerite is, i very briefly googled it and it appears to be an explosive marketed for making explosive targets for shooting. It is set off by gunshot impact.

Tannerite! from i.ytimg.com

164lbs of tannerite kills a barn. Testing my harpoon cannon for hog hunting. Tannerite 1/4 brick exploding target 4pk.

Here we shoot a 79 ford bronco with 30lbs of tannerite in the drivers seat at 300yds.

I bought an abandoned storage unit! One second you see an old barn sitting peacefully on a the next second all you see are pieces of the barn tumbling to the ground. Free delivery and free returns on ebay plus items! Just why would you not sale the lumber , there signs every we're around wanting to buy old barns an they pay paper prep money for them , plus clean up after there done.

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