48+ Barn Full Of Cars Found Pictures

48+ Barn Full Of Cars Found Pictures. Proof that priceless automotive barn finds are still out there is the discovery of 60 cars untouched for 50 years on a french farm included four ferraris, eight delahayes, a hispano suiza h6b, a maserati a6g and nine talbot lagos. Photographs show a barn full of vintage automobiles discovered by the new purchaser of a portuguese farmhouse.

Rare 'barn find' Ferrari sells for $2M - CNN Style
Rare 'barn find' Ferrari sells for $2M – CNN Style from cdn.cnn.com

Of course, you're far more likely to find a rusting chevy under a tarp, but there's always that chance to scoop up a forgotten porsche or shelby for a song. 1166 x 778 jpeg 655 кб. You always hear about that rare barn find about a grandma who knew nothing about the 57 corvette in her husbands shop only to sell it for pennies on the dollar.

A barn full of cars !

To me, this is one of the biggest. I have zero restoration ability, i'll. Over the years i visited the owner and the cars. Fortunately for those who want to see those cars restored, and way more fortunately for those who are going to profit, these cars, 60 in all, were discovered last year and are being auctioned.

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