Get Barn Owl Nest Live Cam Pics

Get Barn Owl Nest Live Cam Pics. Barn owls nest in many kinds of structures including tree cavities, buildings, barn lofts and nest boxes. This is the most common species of owls, which can be found practically all over the world, with the exception of desert and polar areas.

Webcam: Barn owls | BirdCAMs
Webcam: Barn owls | BirdCAMs from

This nesting pair moved in march 3, 2019 and the first egg. The male(sol) has a white chest and face. This is a live feed of a wild barns owls named sol and luna.

Yes, these barn owls are wild and free to come and go.

The male(sol) has a white chest and face. Apparently, you shouldn't have too many within a certain amount of area. Four eggs were noticed on march 11 as well as a few owl pellets discovered outside the nesting box. Uses sites in caves and hollow trees, also many artificial sites such as barn lofts, church steeples, abandoned houses, dry wells, crevices under.

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