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  1. sfgg88

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    Disposable Household Garbage Bags For Kitchen, Trash Can Liner And Bathroom
    1. Product Description
    It is a type of product used for kitchen trash can liner and bathroom. We can provide special purpose bags for container packing. And we export them to Japan for several years. Good quality is the first rule. In terms that we have a factory, the price of product is competitive. Current color is purple, we can accept your ordered.
    This product in the picture is ordered by Japanese.
    We can accept all kinds of your order.
    1) Specification
    Thickness: customized
    2) Advantages
    Durable bags
    Not easy to be broken
    Cheap, because we have our own factory
    Processional processing, superior quality and good service.
    3) Delivery And Packing
    2. Certifications & Flow Chart
    1) Certicfications
    2) Flow chart
    3. Our Company
    4.Our Main Customers
    Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
    A: We are factory.
    Q: How long is your delivery time ?
    A: About 2 weeks after payment.
    Q: What is your terms of payment ?
    A: T/T.buy Rubbish bag
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    Bán Các Dòng Xe Tải Cửu Long Từ 650 KG Đến 8 Tấn
    Cửu long Hà Nội. sdt:0917 507 321
    địa chỉ.366 ngô gia tự,long biên,hà nội

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