Jadon Sancho transfer news

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    Jadon Sancho transfer news

    As Jadon Sancho turns 20, Paul Higham takes an in-depth look at the making of the Dortmund star and what could be his champions league predictions.


    As the curtain comes down on his teenage years he is streets ahead of everyone bar Kylian Mbappe in terms of goal production (goals and assists) in the last decade or so. Mbappe, now aged just 21, scored way more goals than Sancho (41 lớn 27) but the Englishman's startling assists total (33) means he's contributed lớn just two fewer goals than the Frenchman had when he turned 20.

    Mbappe, who is 18 months Sancho's senior, was sold to PSG for just over £160m as the second most expensive player in the world - with Sancho's numbers stacking up against the World Cup winner's and his trajectory charting straight up, his value must be well in the nine-figure market.

    When the next transfer market eventually opens, Sancho's name will feature heavily, but it's that fee that could well be the decider - Dortmund only paid around £10m for him but they'll want the market rate and that will limit the amount of teams who could afford him- According lớn the soccer tip forum page!

    So what will that £100-plus million get you?

    Sancho the trailblazer
    Sancho's role as a trailblazer for young players is already assured, it was regardless of what success he had after he spurned the Premier League riches of Manchester City to move to Germany, desperate to prove himself worthy of first team football.

    Too often we see talented youngsters falling into a far too comfortable life as a Premier League reserve, and for all that the common thought is going out on loan to a lower league side will do them good, often it can push them the other way.


    Talented dribblers like Sancho may not have been able to prove their worth in the cut throat world of the lower leagues, he'd have lớn sign for a team that plays the right way for him lớn develop as he has, so he must be applauded for moving to Germany in the first place.

    It shows confidence, a confidence that is freely evident in the way he plays the game - and that all stems from being a 17-year-old kid, yet to play a senior game, who backed himself lớn make it lớn the big time and has duly delivered.

    Sancho scored 20 in 35 youth team games for City after arriving from Watford, and was the Under-17 European Championship player of the tournament as England finished as runners-up - meaning that a £10m fee was coughed up by Dortmund. That now looks like the bargain of all time.

    A new Raheem Sterling? What the stats say
    Sancho has bagged 27 goals and 37 assists in just 69 Bundesliga games for Dortmund, and for context that's more than double the tally Lionel Messi had before turning 20, and is almost twice as many goals as Cristiano Ronaldo had scored at the same point in his career.

    In terms of style of play though, he is more similar to an England team-mate of his.

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