View Barn Drying Loose Hay Background

View Barn Drying Loose Hay Background. Barn hay drying systems are commonly installed as a basic component in the production of quality forage. Start date nov 25, 2014.

The Hay Pusher - YouTube
The Hay Pusher – YouTube from

The grass that was mown in the morning, spread and raked over to dry. I didnt think there would be such a good bundle, we had a real good stretch of weather, nice dry hay and a good team to work the hayloader. Hay is any grass, legume, or other herbaceous plant, cultivated or wild, that has been cut and dried for use as fodder for domestic livestock, particularly for grazing animals like cattle, horses, goats, and sheep.

I have wondered if it would dry in poly tunnels?

This was our first year to learn how to actually put the hay up in the barn using the original tracks in all the old barns. Hay for the goats at little falls farm. What about lifting it loose then baling after dried. Loose hay is a contradiction in terms.

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