View Barn Owl Ears Asymmetrical Pictures

View Barn Owl Ears Asymmetrical Pictures. Video of a barn owl head based on microct scanning, allowing the feathers to be digitally removed to view the skin underneath. Many owl species are able to localize prey in complete darkness just by hearing.

Barn Owl | Сова, Птицы
Barn Owl | Сова, Птицы from

The legs are long and the head is smoothly rounded, without ear tufts. You will notice that they are serrated which allows them to be able to move them freely from some people find it peculiar that the barn owl has one ear that sits up higher than the other one. The talons on the barn owl are extremely sharp and they have a significant difference from other species.

The ears of many species of owls are asymmetrical.

One ear is aligned with its nostrils and the other ear is aligned with its forehead. They have a mix of buff and gray on the head, back, and upperwings, and are white. How they got their name: Their ears are asymmetrical, or uneven, with.

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